Production and Pot Plants

The “Vivai Minetto” specializes in the production of young plants in pots, diversifying the classic production that he wanted all stages (seed, graft, training) carried out in the field, doing so can produce large quantities at the same time increasing the level of quality; In fact, the production in tunnels and in greenhouses leads to greater control of possible adverse weather conditions (hail, snow, spring frosts). The company sees the “pot plants” the present and the future of the market, and is investing in expanding production in container especially in medium and large sizes in order to have plants ready to be delivered at any time of the year also included the specimens .

From about 5 years we have been introduced special containers, called airpot, which give a qualitatively excellent result of cultivation comparing the cultivated plants, such as development and health, to the cultivation in open field. The cultivated area in the container is now about 1 hectare, and in recent years is constantly enlarging to increase the supply meeting the needs of the market.